Frequently Asked Questions

The item can be made of:

★ Sterling Silver

★ Oxidized (black) Sterling Silver

★ Gold Plating (18k Rose/Yellow Gold over Silver base)

★ Solid 14k/18k Gold (Yellow, White and Rose)

Contact me for a price quote.

Yes, a large variety of gemstones and pearls, in all sizes and shapes, exist. Let me know what your preference is.

All the gemstones I use are natural, earth-mined. I don’t use synthetic stones in my designs.

None of the diamonds in my shop have been treated or clarity enhanced in anyway unless otherwise stated.

All my gemstones and diamonds are warranted to be CONFLICT FREE. I purchase them via the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) which guarantees that all its trading companies follow the Kimberley Process, which tracks every gemstone from the mine to the final buyer.

My advice is that you get your finger size professionally by a local jeweler/goldsmith. Any other method can result in inaccurate measuring.

To convert from one system of sizing to another,  or from circumference/diameter to ring size – use this link:

The buyer is responsible to enquire about any and all customs fees, duties, taxes, etc. that their country charges for all international orders.

PLEASE NOTE: Etsy has recently begun adding the text “VAT included (where applicable)” and “GST included (where applicable)”.

We are not registered to collect tax in other countries, so for the items in our shop, it’s not “applicable” for us to charge/include tax.

Therefore, our items’ prices Do Not include tax. The customer is responsible for paying all taxes/duties/fees, etc. that their country charges.

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